Sunday, February 9, 2014

Skyline Drive-In.

Saturday at The SkyLine Drive-In!

On Saturday afternoon, on what was one of Sydney's hottest Summer days, 48 members, family & friends visited the Royal Cricketer's Arms at Prospect, then went on to Saturday Night at the Drive In!

We were seated under an awning, sheltered by the The Royal. We must admit that there was a cool breeze, holding our "refreshments" at the perfect temperature - certainly conducive to the most pleasant Summers afternoon. As the afternoon progressed, visitors were able to enjoy some wonderful food from the kitchen, while participating in a cool atmosphere of discussion & laughter. A fantastic afternoon.

One hour prior to the start of the movie, our members moved 19 of our cars onto the field, parking together, attracting many visitors to our rare and unique classics! Compliments and smiles were in abundance.

We watched the movie "Last Vegas" . Certainly a very good choice. There are many funny scenes; highly recommend a view!

At the conclusion of the first movie it was time to make our way home, some members opting to remain for the second movie - ROBOCOP!

The feeling amongst attendees is that we should do it again! Stay tuned, certainly a lot of fun in great company - a special Saturday night event!


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