Monday, April 28, 2014

Festa Italiana Ettalong Resort 2014.

Members and friends of IMSMC gathered and met at Thornleigh Mc Donald's.  The usual crescendo was experienced as the restaurant was filled with our members.

Our intention was to leave at 8 oclock sharp, so right on time, (at 8:30) we departed in cavalcade up the M1 pacific motorway; bound for Ettalong!

We drove on the motorway and meandered toward Ettalong,  many spectators greeting and commenting on the rarity and presentation of our cars!

We arrived at our reserved area and parked the cars, immediately attracting spectators. Shortly afterwards, we booked into our rooms and settled into what would become two days of activities with many perusing the variety of stalls throughout the resort. An interesting aperitivo was being served which many found morish 1 part soda water, 2 parts aperol and 3 parts prosecco a couple of these and we were set… the two days were filled with discussion, great company and much laughter..

Fine italian food of every description was available, castagne (chestnuts), pastries of every quality in cream or ricotta, pizzas of every shape style and toppings along with other restaurant foods & wine & liquer tasting. Music,singing and dancing from every region of Italy.  A piano accordion was playing the “all time favorites” as the musician walked around entertaining the crowd.. The resort was flowing with festival atmosphere.

Our president was interviewed by local radio station 2GO, 107.7fm – answering questions and promoting our club to the local community!

Our Saturday night dinner was spent at Naman's restaurant where all enjoyed the company of members and settled into a fine dinner and chatted into the late hours. Founding member Joe Lecce celebrated his 70th birthday, and of course, we had a cake complimented by the IMSMC choir, singing “happy birthday” with gusto!

Our  Sunday morning started with a gathering of the entire IMSMC crew at “toto’s bar” for breakfast and then into the resort to enjoy the festivities of day 2.

The resort management thanked us immensely for sponsoring the festa and have requested we attend again next year as our contribution is deemed outstanding!

Another well supported and successful IMSMC event. Thank you!

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