Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eastern Creek

On Sunday the 22nd of August, IMSMC created a static display of 26 Italian cars at the Shannons Eastern Creek Classic (SECC).

Our display was fantastic! Many a passersby commented on the wonderful array of colours and varying styles of our vehicles. We were surrounded by approximately 1800 classics of all shape, size and model. The Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) is proudly boasting that the SECC is "probably" the largest gathering of Classic motor vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many of our members, and visitors, purchased memorabilia from the stalls around pit lane - some fortunate to discover some "rare" finds. The day also proved worthwhile for a number of our club sponsors, introducing themselves to visitors with classic cars! Quite a few membership forms were issued to interested visitors - we anticipate a few new members; we certainly established contact with clubs of other Italian Marques.

Late in the afternoon at around 3:15pm, our lap was underway. Like a scene back in time - it looked like something out of 1967 at Nurburguring racetrack!

One member remarked after the lap that there is nothing like the sound & feel of an Italian Motor @ 6000rpm! Frankly, we couldn’t agree with them more.

A wonderful display from members of IMSMC, to all that were with us on the day, we would like to thankyou all.

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