Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Party

Sunday the 21st of November saw 158 members family and friends attended the 2010 Christmas party at Martha's Caffe in Vineyard. The day was full of surprises; The weather was splendid, more members attended our Christmas Lunch than previous years...

Many members drove their classics to the venue. The car park definitley highlighted that something "special" was happening! Appetiser pizza was served, the refreshments were in ample supply. The verandah was a buzz with conversation and laughter.

Before long, we moved into the restaurant. After a brief address by our president, the buffet was opened for all to enjoy. Later in the afternoon our raffle was held, with an array of prizes offerred by our club sponsors and supporters - Thank you ; Prodata, MasterTouch Automotive, Di Rocco Family, De Iulio Family, Frances & Gerardo Mediati, NRMA Vintage & Veteran Insurance and IMSMC.

The surprises kept coming, with a visit from Santa Claus. All the children received a Christmas stocking from Santa. Then each adult received a Mini Pandoro provided with the great support of Campisi Delicatessen in Austral.

Coffee, fresh summer fruits and a wonderful cake was served with a closing speech from the President and final word from Mr Giuseppe Lecce, thanking the efforts of the committee and the support of all the new and familiar faces in attendance.

The greatest reward for the committee is the event attendance and success! This is a true reflection of the on-going efforts of our club committee. Thank you to everybody that makes up the IMSMC family. The family continues to grow which brings a new challenge.... finding a restaurant that is big enough to cater for 150+ people with a car park in the Sydney metropolitan area! Bring on 2011. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a happy & safe festive season.

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