Friday, May 8, 2009

Festa Della Madonna SS delle Grazie Sydney.

Sunday 3rd of May saw 14 members and their respective cars from the IMSMC join in celebrating the feast day of the Lady of the miracles held on the Club Marconi grounds..

Arriving at around 9.00 am, several members of the IMSMC contingent were greeted by one lonely Alfa Spyder. Slowly members began to arrive at the designated meeting spot, 500's, 850's, a 124 and a 128! it was like a scene out of the Italian job!. At around 9.30 am the Stocklands carpark was a buzz with the sound of our engines and so we set of toward the Club Marconi grounds.

Along the way we were applauded and waved at by the residents and then by the crowd who were gathering at the grounds!... One member later on in the day reflected and passed the comment that they "felt like an Italian Elvis".

As soon as we arrived at the Marconi grounds, we arranged our cars, the merchandise stand was set up and the Italian Made banner was flying proudly!. Many thanks to the members who helped out, it was done in an efficient and correct manner!

At 12am Mass was concluded and there was a rush for lunch!. The large tent housed a number of Italian treats including spicy sausages, steak sandwiches, pasta and zeppole!.. what are zeppole you might ask? Come to the upcoming Festa Della Republica at Club Marconi and share in the experience!

Lunch was shared in good company, fine steak and pork sausage rolls were enhanced with hot chilies and washed down with a a glass or two of fine red wine.

Many visitors to our display shared a story or two with us, "When i was your age!", "Thats my first car!" "What a beauty! How much?".

Throughout the day visitors were entertained with music, dance and comedy. The main show was hosted by performers John St. Peters and and John Barresi (the pharmacist from The Wogboy). If you see their new show "The Italian way" being advertised go and see it!, Talk about laugh!

At the end of their show, at 9.00 pm the festa was concluded with a magnificent display of fireworks, a fine finale to a great day.

Many thanks to the members who presented their cars in a magnificent way, a special mention to all those members who came and made appearances throughout the day due to other commitments!

Yet another successful event and participation was shared in some very unique Italian culture. Hope to see you at more events in the coming months!..

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Anonymous said...

sorry guys could not make it had to play golf, there was an Italian guy on the fairway that wanted to concrete the golf course he said to me "you playa golfo?!! ma where you go with golfo?...