Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walnut Run 2009

Sunday morning the 19th of April saw many members of the IMSMC partake in one of our biggest Calender events The Walnut Run.

Meeting at the Mc Graths Hill Mc Donald's at around 830am, members chatted in the cool morning breeze as members slowly began to fill the carpark. here we met new members Lionel & Colleen Rodriguez, very proud owners of a beautiful Maserati quattro-porte sedan, a very welcome addition to the Italian Made community.

We made our way west through Windsor, North Richmond and set off for our destination Mt. Irvine. Picturesque roadways, overlying ferns made for a truly scenic European style drive!

Upon arriving at Arellana, our walnut destination! Members scrambled to collect their buckets and began picking, it is estimated that 200kgs were picked and purchased!

Next stop, the Cathedral of Pines picnic ground. A group of members arrived here some 10 mins prior to the masses thronging the picnic area, and right on cue... it began to rain.

Chief engineer and construction managers Charlie and Joe Losinno, Foreman Lino De Iulio along with son Michael and Joe Di Marti, quickly constructed a shelter. With all hands on deck, ropes, tarpoaulins, beams and rafters went up and created a refuge from the elements, fit for royalty.

All of a sudden, picnic baskets, bbq's, coffee pots (cafetiere) began to appear, with enough food to feed a large Roman Legion! truly a sight to have experienced!

Over the next three hours, most of the food vanished and a bottle or two of wine was shared, as members ate and drank their fill. Afterwards, a lucky "tent" prize was given away. first winner Andrew De Iulio, then redrawn with the result of Lino De Iulio, redrawn once again to everyone's amazement, Oriana De Iulio! (am i sensing a reccuring theme!?) Finally, after the 4th draw, Construction manager Joe Losinno was awarded the prize. A bottle of special reserve red wine! And a worthy winner too!

Hope to see you all again next year for the Walnut run!

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