Friday, February 27, 2009

IMSMC 1st Birthday Celebration

The IMSMC first birthday celebrations were held at Club Marconi in Bossley park on Saturday night 21st of February 2009. Over 200 members, guests and their families enjoyed an evening of fine food, music and entertainment. The night commenced at 7pm with a short speech from club president Gianni Di Rocco (see below).The address thanked all for their support during the year, the passion shown by all members in attending and most importantly the sponsors of the IMSMC throughout the year.

IMSMC had twenty events last year it was well supported and represented as we engaged in a wide variety of social events.

The function room was well presented the tables were set very elegantly, white table cloths and balloons complimented the well set out tables. Before we knew it the entrees were served. The entrees consisted of an antipasto platter made up of prosciutto, ham, artichokes and then followed by hot Olives, Anchovies and a platter of prawns and oysters. The night progressed with fine conversation. The club offered a wide selection of wine and an assortment of mixed drinks, both hard and soft. Marconi club staff was kept very busy with the supply of food and drink to the lively crowd. On the main wall was a projector that displayed a slide show and video footage of all the events IMSMC was involved with during its first year. The display was a feature and many comments were passed during the evening as many of the scenes shown became conversation pieces.

Guests were entertained by two very talented singers Santino & Marie.

The majority of members came in formal attire whihc added to the overall atmosphere of the evening. Someone passed the comment that some members looked very smart and some were hard to recognise!

The Lucky door prizes were drawn and members and guests were very happy with the wide variety of fantastic prizes.

A silent auction was held for a folding canvas roof with a clear insert (moon roof) for a Fiat 500. This item attracted a high volume of interest, the prize was won by Mr. Joe Di Marti being the highest bidder and kindly donated By Leo Noza owner of “The Spare Place” in Adelaide.

During the evening we danced to a selection of music drawn not only from Australian top forty from past years but also old and modern classics from Italy.

A gentleman played the accordion to the delight of many, playing the traditional “tarantella” which was accompanied by a number of guests on the dance floor.

Main meals were served and members and guests were again entertained by singing and light background music. The night progressed with continuous laughter and conversation accompanied by fine food and drink.

The large turnout to this event was due to the committee, through long and laborious hours of organisation, were well rewarded. The committee needs to be complimented for the hours of organising that were put in to make the event a huge success.

The true highlight of the evening was our birthday cake which was made up of 200 large cup cakes covered with fresh cream, the cake was decorated with model Italian cars.The bar staff then had to move into 5th gear as members and guest lined up for coffee. Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat white, Macchiato, skim decaf's, The works! The bar staff and the coffee machine were working at full strength to satisfy the crowd looking for the final ingredient to settle a fine evening and a wonderful gastronomic experience.

At the end of the evening champagne, donated by The Stillone Family, was served to all.

At the end of the evening the crowd just wanted to stay on and party. Parents were impressed that their children were catered for as they danced and spent their time around a table specially prepared for their entertainment.

The birthday was a true representation of a very successful first year. A statement to the committee & members for their patience and commitment shown throughout the year in organising and attending events. Our club believes in the social aspects that bring many new and old friends together.

We hope to see you at the next IMSMC event.

Presidents Report.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,
Welcome to our 1st Birthday, 1st anniversary celebration.

I am getting quite used to saying this and I hope for many years to come, that it is wonderful to have so many members, friends and family, in attendance at our events and here tonight.

I must highlight the efforts of our committee. Always forthcoming with ideas and have worked tirelessly to ensure a wonderful night...they have worked hard throughout 2008 and the events calender is filling fast for 2009 - reflecting their hard work.

I would like to thank the wives of our committee members. Andrea, Ellen, Oriana, Caterina, Maria. Ladies, thankyou! The many meetings mid week and the endless hours on the telephone. There are no secrets, this does "dig into" family time. That is greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank the management and staff of Club Marconi. They have been extremely helpful in accommodating our needs, not only for tonight, but throughout 2008, allowing IMSMC to make the most of the wonderful facilities here at Club Marconi.

I would also like to thank the number of senior family members here tonight. Your presence is greatly appreciated. To the younger set of members, family & friends. I say welcome. The time will come when we the members will surrender our licenses and you will possibly inherit our wonderful cars...we rely on you to maintain the existance of our wonderful club. I also encourage the younger set to have a discussion with the seniors. There is so much to learn from them. They come from a generation, an era, where they achieved so much with such limited resources. A generation of people that identified the necessity of "the family car". And, who knows, you may even find that they were directly involved and worked in the very factories that developed the cars that we still enjoy 50 plus years later.

I acknowledge the many sponsors that have come forward and requested that "they" be a sponsor. They heard of this newly formed club...this very active club. They wanted to be part of something good and have offered significant funds and resources which have contributed to the success of our club. They will be acknowledged at a later part of the evening.

Italian Made Social Motoring Club is recognised by the RTA to offer Historic, conditional Registration. Many clubs apply for this recognition and many fail. IMSMC achieved this recognition with great efficiency, highlighting the passion, enthusiasm and professional approach that we have on behalf of our members.

The council of motor clubs recently issued a statement, requesting that Classic, Historic cars NOT be hidden in sheds & garages, but that they be driven on our streets and kept in the public eye, maintaining the awareness of our Australian Motoring Heritage. One which Italian motor vehicles have contributed significantly. On that note, I must thank and congratulate the members in the manner in which they participate and present their vehicles. When our club participates in static display, show n' shine events, It is amazing the number of people that visit our display and make comments such as, "We owned one of these, we had 3 of these in our street, oh my God, that was my first car!!"

Ladies & Gentlemen, tonight is a celebration. Please enjoy. Be responsible and be safe.

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