Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Festa della Republica Marconi 2009

The people called “Republic, Republic” Caesar was not pleased... The Romans did not care for one hundred days of festivities were offered to the people along with wine, food and song. It took another 2000 years and finally a Republic was pronounced.

In true style IMSMC members turned out to celebrate and enjoy yet another Italian event... The vehicles assembled and were arranged on the soccer fields of the Marconi Stallions and wasn’t our colourful display spectacular! The 18 vehicles created a true attraction; the cars looked great in their resplendent period colours.

The weather looked menacing and amazingly the skies remained clear all day! Amazingly not a drop of rain, the weather held out! “Good things come to good people”. Even so, we were located on hallowed ground the Marconi Stallion’s soccer field and probably one of the best drained soccer fields in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Against all odds we started a day that turned out to be the usual drinking, dancing and singing, normal things when it comes to an Italian festa.

The vehicles attracted large crowds throughout the day, and the usual questions were met by the members in good conversation. During the day we all indulged in many delicacies that were on offer. All fine foods, some homemade, pastries, cakes and pizzas, a fine selection of prosciutto and pork sausage products all accompanied by many fine wines and imported Italian beer.

We would like to thank the IMSMC members who looked after the stall throughout the day, those that baked all week and prepared some very fine edibles to sell to the public. All day the stall was go, go, go, and the members involved sold everything until it was all gone, none left, too late, come back next year and look for our logo! A very special thankyou to members Maria Losinno, Tia Stillone, Nina Stillone, Mina Di Marti, Caterina Lecce, Oriana De Iulio and Renee Di Rocco!

Finally the day ended with a fantastic fireworks display, one that always keeps the crowd lingering all day at Club Marconi for the grand finale!

As the grounds were being prepared for the fireworks display the automated sprinkler system was activated and several IMSMC vehicles were sprayed with water, for those that were not aware It was part of the day, you all have heard of “the blessing of the fleet”.


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