Monday, June 6, 2022

Dom Panino

A great run to Dom Panino, was organised on Sunday the 5th of June.

48 members, family & friends transformed Emily street into a scene from Piazza Navona!

A huge thank you to everyone that turned up, given the very short notice and disappointment of having cancelled a previously organised event.

Heaps of discussion, food & coffee, enjoyed by all!


A HUGE Thankyou to Dom & Staff, having kept up with the requirements of 48 Hungry Italians! Again we thank member Emanuel Ziino, for allowing us to Visit Il Magaziino ( greatly assisted by Tony Portelli).

 A great drive to & from the venue, completed a very satisfying day!

Please see images, provided by Bruno Ferro ( Thank You Bruno - you've done it again!!!)


More Images & Footage from a great morning,


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