Monday, May 28, 2018

Festa Della Repubblica 2018

On a glorious Autumn day, 70 members with family made up a display of 60 cars @ Club Marconi, celebrating “La Festa Della Repubblica 2018”.

All participating members are to be commended on the manner in which they efficiently arranged their cars into position with minimal fuss, creating a display reminiscent of Piazza Siracusa!

The day panned out in typical IMSMC fashion, with discussion, laughter and sharing “delights” of which were readily (and abundantly) available throughout the stalls at Club Marconi; Pizza, Pasta, Zeppoli, BBQ, Porchetta and of course the famous pannini from the CAMPISI FINE FOOD Stall.

We thank Club Marconi for offering every driver displaying

their car, a complimentary pasta (or Arrancini) lunch voucher & drink. We thank member William Nasato from CORPORATE AWARDS,  for offering the Trophies which were presented by the Marconi executive committee, on the day. Our winners are grinners;

Nat Stillone – 3rd Prize, Maserati Merack SS 1979
Robert Losinno – 2nd Prize, Alfa Romeo 1750 105 series 1971
Filippo Foti – 1st prize, Fiat Abarth 695 SS 1969

ALL OUR CARS ARE WONDERFUL – But one car deserves a special mention...(a personal favourite) Emmanuel Ziino, 1971 Dino GT Ferrari Coupe! Congratulations Emmanuel! A wonderful car – a real crowd pleaser!

Thank you to all that attended the day. Our Bancarella was in full swing with a great outcome. Thanks to our stall holders. A very big thank you to Oriana De Iulio, Rose Cara, Maria Losinno and Nina Stillone for your tireless efforts at the famous "Bancarella" throughout the day.


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