Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Auto Festa 2017

On Sunday the 29th of October, 50 IMSMC cars ( and 1 Vespa) participated in the annual Auto Festa at Pioneer park, as part of the Norton Street Festa, Leichhardt.

At 9:00am, Parramatta Rd was transformed in to the Via Appuania, with Italian motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes, historic & modern classics, each greeted and respected by the Sunday morning traffic in Sydney.

Upon arrival, our machines looked great, as our members parked with great efficiency and respect of the public alike.

.Auto Festa is a day of all things Italian (and some).  Food, wine, fashion, engineering, song and dance It was estimated that the event was attended by over 150,000 MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC.

Certainly a substantial claim to being  the biggest street Festa in all of Australia. We congratulate the organisers and thank Patrick O'Reilly of Impact exhibitors!

At lunchtime, All IMSMC members and guests were treated with a porchetta roll, courtesy of the event manager! 

A huge THANKYOU TO CARMINE LOSINNO, ANDRES MENDES LOPES & ROSITA CARA, for graciously giving up their time carving up and serving the porchetta rolls for all to enjoy!

Our Club stall was in full swing - A SPECIAL MENTION TO HELEN CHANTELLE,  for her efforts in manning our Bancarella - Thank you Helen.

It was wonderful to note the number of members that participated in the day, bringing along family and friends... in excess of 100!

A great display from IMSMC. Wonderfully participated.
A very big thank you to all members and guests who participated in the days event!

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