Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Auto Festa Leichhardt 2016

 Oh what a Day!

The IMSMC contingency made up the Bulk of the cars at the combined display on Pioneer Park. A great contribution by our club, thank you!

Sunday the 30th of October, proved to be one of the warmest (and a bit humid) days of Spring 2016, thus far. But the sun was shining and our cars looked great. The front row of our display contained the Fiat 124 and The Fiat Topolino, both celebrating the 50th and 80th anniversaries, respectively.

These were the first cars to arrive, while we set up our stall, banners and flags. Then, right on cue, our stallions arrived, turning heads and immediately capturing the attention of the public. Parking “anywhere” (Italian Style), our impact and contribution to the festivities getting well underway. The local Police Force taking a particular interest in the Losinno Carabinieri Car!

There is always something special, making an appearance for the first time, Daniel Sullo in a “special” Fiat 124 CC – special in all the right places and we must congratulate member Joe Li Vaccari, presenting a recently acquired Dino Ferrari. Welcome to the stable!

At 1 o’clock, a complimentary porchetta roll was offered on behalf of Patrick O’Reilly ( The event manager). IMSMC STAFF: Rose Cara, Oriana De Iulio, Rosemary Romeo, Carmel Losinno, Caroline Portelli, Charlie and Maria Losinno, cutting, carving, and serving the people. A special effort – Thank you guys greatly appreciate your passion...just like Nonna always said, “You MUST eat!".

It was wonderful to have seen so many IMSMC members visit on the day, sharing in the experience. The royal hotel had a wonderful location, providing refreshments to the the loyal IMSMC customers. They too express their thanks.

To top off a wonderful day, as we reached home, a wonderful recognition to all, as a quick story on Channel 7 news, panning across our display with the IMSMC banner and logo , beamed across the country in our living rooms.

Let’s do it again, real soon!

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