Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Membership Breakfast.

On Sunday the 13th of March, our Annual Happy New Year Membership Breakfast was held at the Oran Park Cafe', where members came to collect their membership cards and "officially" open the events calendar for 2016!
90 members with what appeared to be 100 cars, graced the event in various attendance, the car park transformed into a scene of the finest gatherings of Classic Italian Cars comparable to anywhere in Italy.
Vintage, Veteran, Historic, Modern and Classic Italian Automobiles in one place is a rare sight...certainly bringing a smile to many!
With brief formalities over, including a "brindisi" with a fine drop of complimentary Prossecco, our members & guests enjoyed a breakfast of abundance.
Our Club raffle was held, with many aiming to win the "3 stooges poster" which was the most popular prize!... winners are grinners!
Welcome to 2016. The year has many events planned and in the planning, catering for the interests of all.

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