Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ettalong festa 2015

On Saturday & Sunday the 18th & 19th of April, 15 members were requested (by invitation) to participate in the Italian Festival at Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort! (EBTR).
Our weekend began at our meeting place, McDonalds Thornleigh, for a light breakfast and "a very good coffee". Our cavalcade was underway by 8:30am, bound for EBTR, with immediate impact, the traffic allowing our classics to stick together on the freeway.
Our arrival attracted immediate attention as we were welcomed into the car park. Within minutes our cars were in position, our members booked into their rooms and the festivities were underway.
All things Italian including; refreshments, food, music, entertainment (gelato and pasta eating competitions - with no utensils) and  of course our wonderful machines.
Later Saturday evening, our dinner went off with a BOOM! Food and all the good things in abundance, with so much left over (unlike our lot!)... the leftovers made for a great breakfast on Sunday morning! Many members & friends dancing the night away.
Our Sunday was occupied answering many questions and displaying our cars, all the while more entertainment was present throughout the resort. At 3:00pm, our classics "fired up" attracting all the correct attention, with many onlookers and "standers by" providing their appreciation of our wonderful contribution.

A wonderful weekend of entertainment with great company!

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