Friday, November 9, 2012

Norton St Festa 2012

On Sunday the 29th of October, 33 IMSMC cars were presented in a Static display at the Norton street festa di Leichhardt.

Once again our display created a great deal of interest with 100’s of visitors surrounding our cars at every moment of the day. The vibrant and pastel colours creating the gelato shop effect.

Wonderful to see some new members present their cars for the firt time, with Giuseppe Sette presenting his wonderful Alfa Spider, Graham Smith: Great to see “FATSO” again, Tony Artinian with his newly acquired 131 and  Peter Cartwright with his wonderful example of his 850TC Abarth. Member Danielle Sullo was questioned by the police, as he had parked in a no stopping zone. Fortunately our registrar Leo Di Rocco swiftly cleared up that “situation”.

The day unfolded with an estimated 100 000 visitors, enjoying all things Italian. Gelato, coffee “espresso” and the famous “porchetta roll” made for a memorable Breakfast “and” lunch for some!

The stories were plentiful as many “elderly visitors” reminisced of their achievements of yesteryear in exact models of our cars!

A great result ladies & gentlemen. A wonderful day in maintaining our very high profile within the Historic car fraternity!

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