Thursday, August 23, 2012


On Sunday the 19th of August, IMSMC was represented by 28 members who had prepared their cars and presented them at "The Creek".

Sydney of late has experienced the fiercest windy conditions and Saturday gave every indication that SECC on Sunday would be a wild windy day. Nevertheless our members arrived in force. I thank each of the members for arriving on time (Everyone was early!) and created a significant (one of the largest single club displays) wonderful array of "Colori Italiani d'epoca"(classic Italian colours).

Participants had the opportunity to view classics of every make and model, as every classic car club in NSW & ACT was represented.

The parade lap was well conducted - 28 Italian Machines making their way around the international race circuit. With so many makes & models circulating the race track all day, one must point out that "our cars" sounded the best! 

Interestingly many vehicles given the opportunity to "full throttle" behind the pace car, down the straight! (our photographer struggled to capture our lap as we were just too fast!).

Thank you to each of the participants, your cars looked great and you did our club proud! - see you next year! 

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