Thursday, June 3, 2010

Festa Della Republica 2010

Sunday the 30th of May 2010, saw 21 cars and members participate in the Festivities at Club Marconi, Horsley Park.

Initially the day looked foreboding, the inclement weather f the morning soon broke out into sunshine and not a drop of rain was seen all day!

One member noted that it must have been the “nonni” dancing the tarantella that appeared to keep the rain at bay, besides the rain would not dare fall on any of our well polished cars!

IMSMC created a spectacular display, our twenty one cars assembled toward the back of the soccer stadium, proved once again, to be a major drawcard as people mingled and chatted around our classics.

The music was great and varied the food plentiful and tasty, the Italian wines, beer and assorted drinks were exceptional, all in all great ingredients for exceptional entertainment.

Many stalls displayed a wide variety of Italian wares, food and drink. Included were also soccer accessories promoting the Italian effort into the next FIFA world cup, watch out “Azzurri” the “Socceroos” are on their way...

The IMSMC stall did particularly well, with people around it all day our club merchandise was well represented and admired by many. The stall was adorned with club merchandise, classic car and motorbike models and a multitude of Italian cakes and biscuits.

A very big thankyou to the ladies of IMSMC who worked laboriously in both making and selling a multitude of authentic homemade cakes and biscuits, your efforts are truly appreciated.

The day concluded as always with the signature fireworks display, with young and old admiring the sights and sounds of the impressive display.

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