Friday, April 18, 2008

Walnut Run 2008

Sunday the 13th of April, saw our members partaking in what was an excellent day full of social activity. This included a drive through the picturesque scenery of North Richmond, Bilpin and beyond to Mount Wilson, our destination for picking walnuts and chestnuts.
The name of the farm we vistited was “Arellana”- located a short distance beyond Mt. Wilson at Mt. Irvine.
It was good to see the enthusiasm shown by the group of young fellows keen on the Italian made cars in their Fiat 850's!
After some time spent carefully selecting the choicest of walnuts and chestnuts, we met at the catherdral of ferns reserve a short drive from Arellana .

The weather was cool, and gave out to sporadic rain but we were determined not to let this get in our way as there was still a picnic to come! Whilst we were wary of the weather, our Italian classic cars performed to their peak in the alpine climate.

Unfased by the inclement weather.... the skies cleared and within minuites, picnic baskets began to unfold, barbeque plates were prepared and a plethora of italian cusine was suddenly on the menu! This included olives, Giardiniera (vegetables vinagarette) crusty breads, sausages and even pizza were passed around among members making a spectular lunch. Home made moscato and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo accompanied the amazing food. This gastronomic extravaganza was concluded with homemade cakes and an espresso coffee.

It would be hard to determine the true highlight of the day, as the drive, company, food, and atmosphere were truley something that had to be experienced! Thankyou to all members who partook in this event and we hope to see you and your friends at the next IMSMC event!

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