Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Breakfast at the Oaks

On Sunday the 6th of October, 80 members in 40 Italian Made machines, participated in our club breakfast run to The Oaks Hotel. Half of the fleet made their way directly to the venue, while the other half met and crusied together from Luddenham, taking the scenic and somewhat, remote country roads.

We welcomed two new members this event, wonderful cars, that you will see again (maybe another inclusion at the forthcoming Concorso?) Welcome to IMSMC Cristian & James!

It's amazing the beauty of area's such as Luddenham, Wallacia, Warragamba & Silverdale and The Oaks! Let's hope with the arrival of Badgery's Creek airport, Sydney's backyard does not change its appearance too much!

A HUGE thank you to the staff and management of the Oaks Hotel, for arranging use of the entire council carpark, in front of the main entrance, exclusively for Italian made vehicles.

To great surprise, a coffee van was onsite and offered each person complimentary coffee. This was greatly appreciated by all in attendance!

Soon after, the masses moved into the dining area and ordered breakfast. Feeding 80 hungry Italians was never going to be easy, but the kitchen staff did very well!

A great drive and great company at a fantastic venue which I am sure we will visit again in the future!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Shannons Eastern Creek Classic 2019

Sunday the 18th of August, 43 IMSMC cars were on display at the Shannons Eastern Creek Classic (SECC). We also had representation in Presidents concourse along pit lane, Both Filippo Foti & Charlie Losinno, presenting their cars..

Our day began with an extensive line of classic Italian cars in area C. 

The colours and style of each Car, standing out from afar, attracting visitors from throughout the grounds.

The SECC attracts over 1800 cars each year. If there is/was a car that you recall from yesteryear, you'll find it at SECC. The day was made up of celebrations, music, GREAT car and bikes and of course FANTASTIC company.
As midday approached, the esky's and picnic packs made an appearance - with a great deal of sharing and sampling going on - Who produced the best salami's this year?.. Too hard to call, all taste great!

At 1:00pm, the stallions from 4 Italian clubs were at the grid and off we went! Thank you to IMSMC and the vast majority of members from the other 3 clubs, but unfortunately a few individuals (NOT FROM IMSMC) attracting the attention of the field marshals, for the wrong reasons.

All said and done, back to our area C to share in our "parade experience".

Later in the afternoon, the presentations took place. CONGRATULATIONS to Charlie Losinno, once again, being awarded the Best 1940 - 49 car with his Beautiful FIAT Topolino.

The day concluded on a HIGH NOTE as ITALIAN MADE SOCIAL MOTORING CLUB,  being  announced as "BEST CLUB DISPLAY". It's a recognition of our cars, our display, marshalling, parade, our correct CVS & HVS compliance, our club shirts (in uniform) and generally everything we do, with enthusiasm, passion and in an orderly manner!


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Breakfast 2019

Sunday the 4th of August, 90 members, family and friends attended our breakfast at Grano Ristorante, Wetherill Park.

An ambiance reminiscent of the rustic days, with furniture that made many of us recall our childhood and what it was like in our homes!

The food was abundant and very, very nice. Our members making the most of the hospitality on offer. The coffee was endless and most importantly, the company was second to none. Wonderful to see so many of younger & youngest family members in attendance, we encourage and welcome our extended family to attend our events.

33 cars filled the car park with a huge variety of colours, models, brands and era's - a sight to see. The morning was a great opportunity to become acquainted with new members and have a good look at their magnificent vehicles, that each make a fine contribution to the Italian Made Stable!!

Before we knew it, the morning had concluded and the roar of Italian stallions exited the car park - a pretty site and a great sound!

Thank you IMSMC - we'll do it again, real soon!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Trip To Pangallo 2019

What a day, what a night, what a great weekend!

Saturday & Sunday the 27th & 28th of July,  a group of 49 members, family & friends participated in a memorable weekend in the Hunter Region!

Our rendezvous was at Thornleigh  (thanks Macca's) where our cavalcade along Pennant Hills road onto the M1, attracting honks of "G'Day!" from the friendly surrounding motorists. The trip to Cessnock was without incident , as we met up with another large group of members. After booking in and a quick "Freshen Up", we re-assembled outside sharing beverage and snacks before boarding the IMSMC courtesy Bus, bound for Pangallo Estate.

Upon arrival, we sampled the estate's produce of infused oils, marinated olives and blood oranges. Purchases of these delights and wines were undertaken and stored in the bus. More delights on the way, as more special foods were shared by members. It wasn't long before a splendid red sauce was prepared and pasta for all...shortly followed by pork sausages, salad, onions, bread (BBQ Italian style!), not to mention the pork ribs that melted in your mouth!!

As if the food wasn't keeping us warm enough, there was MUSIC - dancing & then some more dancing! It was dessert time.. our members were asked to bring a cake... we ended up with so much cake that we had to dance some more!

Our night concluded with a trip back to Cessnock in the IMSMC "Happy Bus".

After a well earned rest, we regathered for breakfast and then onto a few wineries, some opting to visit chocolate & cheese factories, while others made their way home.

A fantastic weekend - wonderful venue. creating the opportunity to be introduced to some wonderful family and friends of our members.

Thank you Pangallo - Thank you IMSMC.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

AGM 2019

Friday Night 5th July or Annual General Meeting was held at Club Marconi.

72 members with a further 17 partners were present. The night presented itself as very informative, as committee representatives explained the logistics of forthcoming events including; our weekend at the Hunter Valley experience at Pangallo Estate, our very first club harbour cruise to be held in October (Fancy Dress), our weekend experience in Jindabyne (November).

Rob Losinno distributed our Eastern Creek Passes, which this year has attracted 48 of our members. Charlie Losinno was awarded the Ian Campbell award, further to our presence at this year's Auto Italia in Canberra.

Caroline Portelli explained the procedure to be implemented at  "Ladies shopping day" fund raiser in September.
.We also introduced number plate covers to suit H-plated number plates! The orders are coming in. These covers have our club name embossed on the frame, proving to be quite popular.

In accordance with the NSW department of fair trade constitution, no elections were required and the existing committee was reinstated to the satisfaction of the member base.

With no further ado, it was time to eat! Our traditional pasta dishes (two options) and our traditional Mille-Foglie cake, the new club year was introduced. 2019/20, like every other club year, promises to bring diverse events, fulfilling the needs and interest of its members. The club raffle was extremely well supported on the night and we thank our generous sponsors for their ongoing support. It is GREATLY appreciated.

You are a passionate lot! Thank you.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

IMSMC Trivia Night

Saturday Night the 22nd of June, 98 members, family and friends participated in our very first trivia night! And what a night!
The night was fantastic, with great food, drink, atmosphere and excellent company!
A great effort by all in involved both the orgainsers and particpants. A special mention to Caroline Portelli, Elissa Losinno, Joanne Calcara & Nina Stillone - our passionate organisers of the evening.
Thank you to everyone that attended a great night. Every once in a while, an event stands out from the rest (they are all fantastic) - this one will go down in as a "stand out". The Charity of Choice was the "Nelune Foundation" which we have donated to in the past. We are proud to report that we raised over $3600 on the night a great achievement!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Festa Della Repubblica 2019

Sunday 25th May, 45 IMSMC cars along with 67 members and family participated in the annual celebration held at Club Marconi for the occasion of Italy becoming a republic.

Our day began at our dedicated area in the Marconi carpark, where we assembled, extended greetings, welcomed our new members and discussed our display for the day. We experienced a touch of light rain in the early morning but it soon subsided and we enjoyed great autumn weather for the rest of the day.

Our cars were mainly arranged in category including , Fiat 500s, other Fiat models, Alfa Romeo, Autobianchi and Lancia.
The day unfolded with all things Italian, cannoli, torrone, cakes, sausages, arancini, pannini, pizza, pasta, wine and castagne (chestnuts). All visitors were able to enjoy the full club facilities.
Our member Anthony Vecchio, brought many kilos of home grown mandarins to share with members, whilst they sat next to our Bancarella. 

What an enjoyable way to sit, chat, drink and have a laugh. Lena Zanello and Caroline Portelli shared their scrumptious home made biscuits and amaretti, thank you! Also thank you to Lena for helping to set up the Bancarella goods.
Thank you to Marconi Club for providing the seating and tables for our members use throughout the day.

At 3pm the Club Marconi executive committee, made their way to our display to judge and give recognition to their vote for the top three cars of the day. Congratulations to our winners!
1st – Tony Castiglione – Fiat 500
2nd – Robert Losinno – Alfa Romeo – 105 series coupe
3rd- John Calcara – Fiat 1500

The judges highlighted how increasingly difficult it is to pick the winners, as the quality of our vehicles is outstanding. It was fantastic to witness the level of passion that was reflected in the presentation of our vehicles, great effort members.
A big thank you to IMSMC member William Nasato & Corporate Awards, for assistance and contribution with our event trophies.

Thank you to everyone who participated, Marconi Festa Della Repubblica is one our highlight annual events, where we can “give back” to Club Marconi, for their ongoing wonderful support over the years.

 Another great day for IMSMC members and their families.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

National Motoring Heritage Day 2019

On a crisp autumn morning, we met at VC Partridge Rest Stop on the Hume Highway as we ventured along Picton Road with views of the morning mist and clear skies.

Our convoy of 23 cars made our way along winding roads and breathtaking scenery passing the coastal town of Kiama and surrounds. Entering the Berry showground, we were engulfed by a sea of historic, vintage and classic vehicles.

In the usual IMSMC style, homemade coffee and biscotti were passed around and eagerly consumed.
As an added bonus we were accompanied by Ms Masako Fukui and Caterina Pacilaeo invited guests of Rose Cara.

Masako is an ABC Radio journalist who interviewed members and recorded audio of the vehicles’ engines for a possible program. Caterina is a Sydney based photographer and artist who is interested in photographing classic vehicles for their artistic value and took photos of the cars parading in the showground.

It was wonderful to see our members passionately talking to Masako and Caterina about their cars. The members were excited and animated as they shared their stories with both reporter and artist.

A new and refreshing experience was had by all.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Breakfast at Scarborough

Sunday the 5th of May saw 69 adults & 5 children in 33 classic Italian Made cars (moderns too) attend the breakfast at the Scarborough hotel.

Our meeting place was the Shell service station on Davies Rd Punchbowl, where the owner was very accommodating, knowing that many cups of coffee and petrol would be purchased! He also took the opportunity to take some photographs of our classics, as he had not seen many of our veterans for many years.

Right on 8am, the cavalcade exited the station, bound for Scarborough, via a 40 minute enjoyable cruise through the National Park - what a great drive!
 Upon arrival, we efficiently "triple parked" the stallions and moved inside, where the coffee's flowed and the "breakfast team" worked triple time to cater for 74 hungry members!! The weather turned for the worse (lasted about 10 minutes), then the sunshine returned. Meanwhile we were protected from the elements "inside the restaurant" - our intention was to sit outside and enjoy the view of our beautiful coast linemany ran with this option! We'll  aim to do that next time.
 Thank you to "JCJR Team Losinno" for investigating the venue and a special mention to Robert Losinno for organising the finer details - Cheers Rob!

Thanks for your attendance everyone, the numbers are significant at every event! - That's IMSMC!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Auto Italia 2019

Auto Italia 2019, saw 30+ IMSMC Cars and over 50 members participate in this yearly iconic event, in different capacities. Auto Italia Canberra boasts being the largest gathering of Italian Cars in the southern hemisphere, of which we are proud to be part of.

Our weekend contribution began with our meeting place at Pheasants Nest and onto the Mackay VC rest area for our "Morning (Italian Style) Breakfast". A huge thank you to our members that went "that extra mile" in picking up breakfast, serving it, sharing  and consuming the fine food. Thank you; Pat & Mel Marando, Gerardo & Frances Mediati, Tony & Grace Campisi, Rino & Lena Zanello, Rick & Liana Capollino, Vito & Anna Mazzotta, Cate & Mick Stivala for all that you contributed to make the experience a memorable one! With the rest of us each making a contribution with, cake & homemade biscuits (Thanks Francesca Guerrera!) We cannot forget the sun dried tomatoes, green pickled tomatoes, the anchovies and the CHILLI provided by Anthony Vecchio! hope I haven't forgotten anyone? Thanks for the coffee, Leo & John Di Rocco !
A special mention to Frank Roccisano, that surprised us with 50 canolli, shared and enjoyed by all!

On arrival in Canberra, our tradition continued, with Drinks at the Osteni Bar, then, via a bus trip (Thanks IMSMC), Onto "Turkish Pide" restaurant, where the party continued.
On Sunday Morning, our good friend Geoff Hall, from the Fiat Club of ACT, created a 40minute Cavalcata thru the highlands of Canberra - a great drive, one that we should do again!

Our arrival at EPIC, created the "usual impact" that our presence creates. A club display was created (Going forward it is official ,IMSMC will have a reserved organised area). The format of the day was different this year - an experience for the organisers that certainly allows them to fine tune their procedures going forward.

We congratulate Charlie Losinno, who was awarded THE IAN CAMPBELL TROPHY, with his beautiful Fiat Topolino. Ian Campbell was instrumental in creating Auto Italia Canberra. The Trophy is awarded to a very special vehicle each year. Well done Charlie.

Our Sunday Night was concluded with a meal at Bellucci's Restaurant - another tradition for IMSMC. 

The remainder of members heading home together on Monday morning. A great sight, to see so many Italian classics cruising together. The Hume Hwy looks its best when we are on it!!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ladies High Tea Event

Sunday the 31st of March saw 30 ladies for our high tea event at the beautiful Gardens on Forrest, the grounds and venue were both spectacular: a little gem tucked away in Peakhurst. 

Our event started at 11.00am with Champagne on arrival and lots of happy faces!
An abundance of beautiful little pastries, scones & desserts were served enjoyed by all.
We had an amazing raffle with great prizes that were donated by our lovely members, 10 prizes perfectly suited for our ladies event.

All the money raised from the raffle ticket sales totaled $400 and was donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. 

Without these members attendance this event wouldn't be possible, so as thankyou for attending and showing support for our first ladies event, each lady was presented with a candle, single rose and personalised cookie. 

It was memorable morning at a beautiful venue with lots of great company! 

Looking forward to our next ladies event.

F1 Experience 2019

Thursday the 14th through to Monday 18th of March, 19 members of IMSMC participated in the 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix.

What a Fantastic experience. It's an absolute carnival in Melbourne during these 4 days, people movement, restaurants, coffee shops and bars are all buzzing. V8's, touring cars, Porsche challenge, F4, driver parades, static displays, qualifiers and of course THE BIG RACE.

 We were fortunate to have organised a silver pass, which allowed us special grandstand seating and were able to visit certain arena's and halls, which added to the fantastic experience. All meals were organised, which took a lot of the hard decision making away! By co-incidence, the banks of the Yarra had an Italian festival on the Saturday, which allowed us to relax with fine refreshments, music  and of course, a good plate of pasta!

The extra long weekend was special for all - as some (who did not attend the race) graced themselves with visits to the many museums, art galleries, markets and shopping malls that Melbourne has to offer. The entire group enjoying a  reserved experience with a private bus and tour guide, visiting some of the most interesting sites that Melbourne has to offer! Brunetti's....Memorable!!

Once again, the IMSMC flag rose to the occasion where a "special group" of people shared in fine company, food, beverage and friendship!

We look forward to the next one!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lunch at Panorama House

Sunday the 3rd of March, 30 Italian Vehicles, transported 95 members & family for a great day at Panorama House in Bulli.

A meeting place on Heathcote Rd was arranged and at 10:15am, all made their way toward this great venue.

Upon arrival, our cars were arranged "by coincidence" in 2 straight lines, occupying prime spots in the car park, attracting onlookers, like bees to honey.

The view from Panorama house, would have to be the best view of our eastern coastline - absolutley spectacular - Hence the name of the venue. 

With the Venue came our menu, an abundance of fine food. Unbeliveably, there was even food left over from our elaborate buffet - Now that's saying something regarding our lot! 

The drive to & from the venue, is certainly conducive to our classics, no steep inclines or decents, the Italian stallions performing happily, as the jets & injectors were put through their paces getting a good "Italian tune up!"

A memorable day and great venue, One which will be remembered for all the right reasons. We'll do that again!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2019 Membership Breakfast

Sunday February 3, saw 120 members & family participate in our membership breakfast, starting the new year and our first club event for 2019.

A huge thankyou to all that attended and WELCOME to a number of new members.

The Staff of the CSI Club are congratulated for the presentation of the hall. A huge THANKYOU to our member Frank Roccisano, along with his staff, for their superb effort in providing our food, catering for our breakfast needs on the day.

The atmosphere was extremely pleasant and everyone enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, including  eggs ( 3 types), bacon, potato gems, sausages, mushroom, tomato, toast and crusty Italian bread rolls ( BIG BREAKFAST),  apple & orange juice, a coffee and a complimentary glass of Prosecco. Members and family  celebrated and "welcomed in" the new year, whilst enjoying the air conditioned comfort and the exclusive use of the club facilities. The cars looked great, with close to fifty beautiful Italian machines parked alongside each other, in clear view of the guests.

We were also in the company of two ambassadors from the Liguria region of Italy, with ties to the Fiat 500 Club of Italy in Garlenda. Their aim is to maintain the awareness of the Italian culture abroad - promoting the achievements and global contributions that Italy has contributed to our heritage. This "sentiment"  is certainly evident in our club! A huge effort from members Charlie Losinno, with Maria and Andy Mendes Lopes accompanied by Sonny, who picked up our two guests from the Sydney Wharf Terminal, bringing our two guests to our breakfast. They experienced a glorious drive day and view of Sydney harbour, driving over the Sydney harbour bridge in classic Fiat 500's. Thank you guys for making it happen!
Our traditional raffle was well supported by members and sponsors, which contributed to the wonderful atmosphere of the day.

Welcome to 2019. We have "so much" in the planning, which we are certain, will lead to another memorable Italian Made year!