Tuesday, August 25, 2020

IMSMC AGM 2019/2020

Friday the 21st of August, saw 41 members (quorum met!) attend our annual general meeting at the Canada Bay Club, in Five Dock.

Each member was compliant to the new rules regarding social distancing, throughout the night. All guidelines and rules were observed during the proceedings of the evening. It's a new world - it's a requirement.


At the completion of formalities, the  floor was opened for discussion. Members made contributions and the committee has taken on board these points, which will be discussed, summarised,  concluded and presented to all members in the near future.


This year saw  the introduction of two new committee members, as Lino & Oriana De Iulio have left the committee. We thank and acknowledge the contribution that both Lino and Oriana have made to the success of our wonderful club these past 12 years. Thank you!


On that note, we received two nominations, which made the transition very easy. We welcome Corey Hoskin as our club secretary and Robert Losinno into the committee role. Both are enthusiastic members and bring new ideas into the club. Welcome guys!


At the conclusion of the meeting, many members remained for dinner in the club bistro - fine food was served with great efficiency! Thank You Canada Bay Club!


Let's hope these Covid conditions lift, sooner than later, so we can get back to our vibrant club activities!

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Oaks

Sunday the 28th of June, saw close to 50 members participating in our Lunch at The Oaks Hotel.

In a changed world, we observed social distancing - No hugs, kisses or handshakes (that will take a lot of getting used to, but we hope not the case for much longer!)

The car park (reserved by council) for our member cars was packed with Italian Classics!

Discussion among members was plentiful, after all it has been around 5 months since we were last together! As always excellent company made for a great afternoon.

We must thank and highlight the staff at The Oaks Hotel. The service was outstanding and the food was truly exceptional. The have sent a note to us acknowledging that they would love to have us back again & again.

We'll second that!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Membership Breakfast 2020

On Sunday the 2nd of February, over 100 members attended the membership "card collection" breakfast at Terranova bar & restaurant in Horsley Park.

The car park, once again was transformed into an Italian Piazza - the highlight was a significant number of modern 500's - Abarths, 595, competizione's and "ARI Modified!. They look G R E A T !!!

We thank the management and staff of Terranova, the food was plentiful and tasted great!

The service was second to none and our friendly barrista kept up with every coffee need!

Our club raffle was held, bringing smiles and cheer as each prize was awarded. 
Thank you to our sponsors that make this happen!

Naturally, the highlight of the day ,was , as always the social gathering of wonderful people - members, partners, family and friends. 

A huge Thank you to each and every one of "us". It's going to be another G R E A T year at I.M.S.M.C.